Exciting gigs coming up!

This coming weekend I will be doing no doubt one of the most fun gigs I can possibly imagine! My long-time comrade and brother-in-musical-arms, Daniel Lowery, is the second eldest of eight siblings, and three of his younger brothers play in a great oldies-style rock band called The Dirty Irv. During a recent trip to St. Louis where we were all present, I jumped in on a recording session with them on the tenor sax, and we had so much fun that we decided to play together for real. I’ll be joining them on October 18th at a festival in Irving, Texas, and will be opening for them with The Bronx Boys! I’m am psyched beyond measure.

After enjoying a long weekend in Texas with the Lowery clan, I’ll be traveling to Nova Scotia for the first time, to play at the Re Jigged Festival in Halifax, in concert with guitarist and banjo player Seph Peters. I have always wanted to visit this part of the world and am so delighted to finally have the opportunity to do so!

Isaac Alderson