Challenge accepted!

Well, it was bound to happen eventually…. I got challenged to dump a ton of freezing water on my head and donate to a worthy cause. (Thanks very much to my esteemed colleague, Dylan Foley, for his invitation!) I had also been challenged on the old bookface by Hilary Abigana of the Indianapolis Ceili Band to play a tune and post it, so I decided to slap two hams with one sausage and complete both challenges SIMULTANEOUSLY. At a recent house concert with Comas in Indianapolis, Dmitri Alano (also of the aforementioned ceili band) was on hand to officiate, and with the assistance of my bandmate Anna Colliton, and long-time friend Maggie Smith, I got a proper soaking. My charitable donation was made to Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, an organization devoted to enriching the lives of vulnerable youth. Hope you enjoy!

Isaac Alderson