The Yanks @ Winter's Eve

After a crazy week of gigs in Las Vegas, I flew out at 6:00 am to New York to join The Yanks for a fantastic gig at the 14th Annual Winter’s Eve Festival in Manhattan. Playing an outdoor gig in December was a really fun (if chilly) experience, and the crowd was phenomenal! We played two sets – one on the main stage and another on a smaller stage – and received overwhelmingly positive responses from audience members, many of whom were completely unfamiliar with our style of music beforehand. While playing our second set, I jokingly announced on stage that I wished I’d had some fingerless gloves to make playing the flute more comfortable in the cold, and after the gig was over, a woman walked up to me and handed me a pair that she had just bought, with the tags on and all. She went and bought them for me from a nearby stand while we were playing. What a wonderful gesture, and very heart-warming, especially during the holiday season. I was very touched! Now I’m off again at 6:00 tomorrow morning for a week of gigs in California with Ensemble Galilei. Hopefully I’ll sleep on the plane! (Thanks to TJ Keevins for the photo.)

Isaac Alderson